Swift action from Toronto Community Housing staff helps gunshot victim

Swift action from Toronto Community Housing staff helps gunshot victim

March 20, 2015

Toronto Community Housing staff face difficult situations every day. Often, they will go above and beyond in extraordinary circumstances to support the communities they serve.

Joe Magalhaes, Richard Grotsch and Roberto Chin were at a building for a site visit when they heard a commotion. All three immediately raced to the front of the building. After making sure the area was safe, they sprang into action.

Joe provided first aid to the victim while Richard called 9-1-1 and worked with Roberto to control the crowd and direct vehicles away from the scene. Minh Duong, another staff member, went out to the street to direct emergency services to the building. Rohan McCalla also provided help to control the crowd.

"I'm really proud of everybody who was there, and particularly proud of Joe, who without hesitation ran to the scene and jumped right in to provide first aid to the victim, while others coordinated emergency services and crowd control," said Richard. "Even after the arrival of emergency services, Joe continued to assist in providing first aid. The instant that he could hand off the care of the victim, he was off to assist police in accessing areas of the building and cordoning off areas for investigation."

After the victim was safely on his way to the hospital, other Toronto Community Housing staff arrived. The Community Safety Unit assisted Toronto Police in their investigation, including by provided CCTV footage, and staff from Resident and Community Services worked with the City of Toronto's Crisis Response Team to provide supports to residents.

The safety of residents and staff is a top priority for Toronto Community Housing. We work closely with the Toronto Police Service, the City of Toronto, local agencies, community leaders and our residents to develop and implement strategies to improve safety in all our communities.