Swansea Mews response and relocation data

Swansea Mews response and relocation data

October 18, 2022

​TCHC is providing an update on its response to the Swansea Mews incident, sharing information on the resources that TCHC has invested to secure the community and provide support to residents.

Cost Data (As of October 12, 2022)

Cost for temporary accommodation - rooms procured $2,175,929 
Cost of daily living support provided to eligible households
Cost of security contractors $2,100,000 

Cost of contractors (shoring, engineering, etc.) 

  • Professional services 
  • Supply and installation of shoring 
  • Permanent and temporary fencing 
  • Asbestos abatement, inspection and air testing/sampling 
  • Construction Management and constructor fees 
  • Engineering costs/Shop drawings 
  • Site safety reviews
  • Sub-consultants and sub-contractors 
Cost of buses and other transportation $28,815 
Cost of taxi chits  $31,671 

Other Data (As of October 12, 2022)

Number of households impacted 115 
Number of persons impacted 419 
​Number of temporary accomodation rooms procured
Nights of accommodation +15,000 nights 
Staff hours  8070 
Number of taxi chits 513 
Number of buses to send children to school 30 

Relocation Specific Data (As of October 12, 2022)

Number of relocation cycles9

Number of households moved into new units, out of total of 110  

  • 1 of the 115 (total households) moved out of TCHC and  
  • 4 of the 115 households remained outside of the relocation process from the start. 

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