Streamlined procurement tools lead to award for Toronto Community Housing

Streamlined procurement tools lead to award for Toronto Community Housing

December 05, 2014

Toronto Community Housing has been recognized with a Leadership in Public Procurement Award by Summit Magazine and the Canadian Public Procurement Council. The award recognizes leadership, excellence and experience in the public sector purchasing and supply chain management communities. Toronto Community Housing staff Ken Scott and Sam Petralito recently accepted the award on behalf of the procurement team and the company at the Council's annual conference in Montreal.

The award is further recognition of Toronto Community Housing's commitment to spending funds wisely, ensuring we stretch our dollars as far as possible in order to direct funds towards making capital repairs to homes across our portfolio.

Toronto Community Housing procurement staff won the award as a result of their work in implementing improved controls and automating procurement procedures to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Key Facts
  • The new DocuSign e-approval system for purchases allowed Toronto Community Housing staff to reduce approval time for purchase orders by 67 per cent.
  • The new MERX electronic system for managing Requests for Proposals (RFP) allows vendors to submit bids electronically, and for Toronto Community Housing to manage all submissions electronically.
  • In a year-over-year comparison, without the system, Toronto Community Housing had issued 57 RFQs for $11 million by May of 2013; with the implementation of the new system, Toronto Community Housing delivered 87 RFQs for $34.5 million by May of 2014. This increase is a result of a streamlined submission and review process and ensures that RFQs are judged quickly and fairly, and awarded based on best value for money.
  • The new MERX system ensures vendors' bids are received on time. It allows Toronto Community Housing procurement staff to be notified when any document is about to expire, enabling proactive follow-up to ensure compliance documents are always up-to-date.
To learn more about the award, visit the Canadian Public Procurement Council website.