Statement from Toronto Community Housing on Mayor's Task Force

Statement from Toronto Community Housing on Mayor's Task Force

January 16, 2015

Board Chair Bud Purves and Interim President and CEO Greg Spearn issued the following statement today on the Toronto Community Housing Task Force appointed by Mayor John Tory.

We thank Mayor Tory for taking positive steps to engage all stakeholders in finding lasting and effective solutions to the challenges Toronto Community Housing faces. We welcome the creation of the task force and look forward to working with Senator Eggleton and the other task force members.

We look forward to having the task force shine bright lights on how we can deliver on our mandate and serve TCHC residents in the best possible way, now and in the future. We are confident the task force's work will highlight the changes Toronto Community Housing is already making to improve quality of life for residents, strengthen our relationship with the City, and support our success as a company.

While the task force develops its recommendations, Toronto Community Housing will continue to move forward with the initiatives approved in our 2015 budget: our 2015 capital plan that will invest $175 million in repairs to our residents' homes, an unprecedented level of revitalization activity in our communities, and improvements that will increase frontline services to residents and strengthen our performance.

Our goal remains the same: to be a landlord of excellence, one that provides quality housing and services to residents and value to the people of Toronto.

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