Statement from Toronto Community Housing - September 4, 2015

Statement from Toronto Community Housing - September 4, 2015

September 04, 2015


Bud Purves, Chair of the Board of Directors, issued this statement today concerning the 60-day action plans for the Mayor’s Task Force on Toronto Community Housing.

September 4, 2015
The board met yesterday to discuss the draft action plans that management has developed in response to the interim report of the Task Force. After a productive discussion of the action items for making our communities safer, improving building conditions, delivering better customer service, and providing more jobs and opportunities for residents, the board endorsed the direction of the action plans that will be submitted to the Task Force.

In doing so, the board directed management to develop implementation plans that would be brought to the board through its regular approval channels, including through the 2016 budget process for items where there is a financial impact, and asked for monthly progress reports on implementation of the action plans. The board also directed management to:

  • Develop specific performance measures for each action plan
  • Ensure the planned Resident Charter is not fully implemented until staff are trained to deliver on the service promise to residents
  • Find efficiencies that can be used to fund some of the action items
  • Integrate the action plans with the service delivery mandates and resources of other City of Toronto divisions and agencies
On behalf of the board I would like to thank the Task Force for bringing focus and urgency to the immediate actions Toronto Community Housing can take to improve the lived experience for residents. I look forward to presenting the action plans to the Mayor and the Task Force next week, at which point the details of the plans will be made public.

I would also like to thank the staff of Toronto Community Housing for their work in developing the action plans within a tight 60-day deadline set by the Mayor and the Task Force, and for their continued efforts to achieve tangible results that improve its housing and the quality of life for residents.​