Statement by Toronto Community Housing about the heating and cooling switchover

Statement by Toronto Community Housing about the heating and cooling switchover

May 25, 2018

TORONTO, May 25, 2018—Toronto Community Housing has issued the following statement about its efforts to ensure the safety and comfort of tenants during the period of unseasonably high temperatures in the city.

"We take the safety and comfort of our tenants seriously. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their home. As a landlord, we comply with the City by-law requiring us to maintain a temperature of at least 21 degrees Celsius in units between September 15 and June 1, but use discretion when weather conditions fluctuate during the period when we are converting from heating to cooling in our buildings.


"Our challenge is that in many of our buildings, the heating system and cooling system cannot be run at the same time. In these buildings, the heating must be turned off first before the cooling can be turned on. The process takes several days, and once the heat is off it cannot easily be turned back on. This creates challenges when temperatures are high during the day but low in the evenings and overnight.


"We began turning off the heat in our buildings two weeks ago and are scheduled to complete the work to have the heating off in all buildings by May 31. But given current conditions we have authorized overtime so heating technicians can work evenings and weekends to try to complete this work earlier than May 31.


"Most of our buildings with cooling systems have already had the cooling turned on, and all cooling systems will be switched on by the end of today.


"We thank tenants for their understanding and patience. Tenants can report concerns about the temperature in their home or inquire about the schedule for shutting off the heating system in their building by calling our Client Care Centre at (416) 981-5500 or" 


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