Staff Expenses March 2011

Staff Expenses March 2011

April 08, 2011

Employee Expenses (March 10 to March 31, 2011)

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�Current Position



Ali, Syed Director Financial Planning
Asturi, Marta Legal Counsel
Barei, George Operating Unit Manager $23.00
Booth, Leslie Operating Unit Manager
Bosworth, William RF Research Manager
Boushel, Mary Legal Counsel
Brioux, Tom Facilities Operations Manager H.S.I.
Burr, Thomas Project Director, Regent Park
Canton, Lou Senior Director, Operations Delivery H.S.I.
Chisholm, Paul General Mgr Access Housing, Acting
Dowdall, Charles Director, Community Housing $47.32
Efraimidis, Emmanuel Executive Director Business Development H.S.I.
Evans, Shirley Controller
Fantham, Judith Director, Organization Development
Ferracane, Gerardo Mgr, Mech & Elect Svc H.S.I.
Floros, Steve Director, Community Housing
Fox, John General Counsel - Development
Garrett, Kimberley Operating Unit Manager
Gash, Leslie Senior Development Manager
Girvan, Loriann Director, Community Health
Gula, Barry Mgr, Dev't & Constr
Haney_Kileeg, Michelle General Manager Ceo's Office
Hunter, Mitzie Chief Administrative Officer
Jacobs, Cecil Kemi Director, Community Housing
Jeung, Philip Director, Smart Building & Energy Mgmt.
Koke, Albert Community Housing Manager
Koroneos, Len Interim Chief Executive Officer
Krog, Bronwyn Chief Development Officer
Lang, Harold Director, Information Technology Service, Acting
Laur, Brian Mgr. Risk Management & Ins.
Lawson, William Director, Corporate Governance
Leah, Graham Director, Contact Centre H.S.I.
Mesec, Roman Senior Director, Finance - H.S.I.
Murray, Catherine Legal Counsel
Payne, Laurie Senior Development Manager
Samater, Ahmed Director, Asset Planning & Investment
Scioli, Josie Chief Exec. Officer - Hsi
Simon, Deborah Chief Operations Officer
Singh, Reaud Business Development Consultant
Skelton, Terry Director, Security Services
Smith, Martha Director Program Services $4.68
Steidl, Lori Mgr. Payroll Benefits & Compensation
Sutton, Frank Director, Construction $2.60 $14.00
Turton, David Director, Labour Relations & Employee Services
Ward, William Director, Community Housing
Wong, Howie General Counsel
Wong, Michelle Senior Legal Counsel
Yanqui, Raphael Mgr. Business & Infrastructure
Zekavica, Bora Director, Budget & Financial Services
Zuniga, Lizette Director, Development & Real Estate