Remarks by N.W. Bud Purves Chair, Toronto Community Housing Board of Directors on Action Plans

Remarks by N.W. Bud Purves Chair, Toronto Community Housing Board of Directors on Action Plans

September 10, 2015


Mayor Tory....members of the Task fellow board members...Toronto Community Housing staff and residents...ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for being here today, and welcome.

The Mayor's Task Force submitted its interim report to Mayor Tory 57 days ago. The report called on Toronto Community Housing to develop action plans in 60 days to address some immediate issues raised by residents.

Toronto Community Housing has responded to this challenge. We are bringing forward today a robust set of action plans for:
• making our communities safer
• improving the condition of our buildings
• connecting more residents to jobs and opportunities
• and delivering better customer service

These are a work in progress.

The action plans align with and support our strategic priorities of quality homes, vibrant communities and service excellence. These are all goals identified by the Board of Directors.

Each action plan responds to considerations recommended by the Task Force in its interim report. The more than 70 initiatives in the plans will move us forward to deliver real change for residents. Some of them have been contemplated for some time. Some are contemplated by the Task Force.

However, Toronto Community Housing's ability to deliver on these programs is constrained by three major issues.

• The need to secure long-term sustainable funding for capital repairs to our aging buildings.

• The continued need for organizational stability. We can continue to build on the progress that's already being made over the past 18 months, driven by our board and interim executive leadership team, but we need to move toward stability.

• The need for a new model that addresses the "unfunded expectations" that City Council and the people of Toronto place on Toronto Community Housing, such as providing access to social programs and supports for residents, especially young people, seniors and the vulnerable.

Toronto Community Housing certainly looks forward to making noticeable improvements for residents by the end of the year-as the Mayor and Task Force have asked us to do. The action plans lay out a path to a lasting approach for tackling the significant and complex issues facing the corporation every day. The plans are quite clear about the other partners that are essential to getting this work done.

Toronto Community Housing will continue to provide support to the Task Force as it undertakes the second phase of its mandate. We look forward to the Task Force's final report in December.

I would like to thank the Task Force for bringing focus and urgency to improving the lived experience of residents.

I would also like to thank the staff who worked on the action plans within a tight 60-day deadline, and everyone at the company who continues to work hard every day to support the needs of residents.

Now, I would like to ask Greg Spearn to briefly describe the action plans... Greg...

--end of remarks--