Regent Park TV Wins 2007 Mayor's Community Safety Award

Regent Park TV Wins 2007 Mayor's Community Safety Award

January 09, 2008

On December 6, Regent Park TV (RPTV) was presented with the Mayor's Community Safety Award. The awards were created by the Community Safety Secretariat to recognize the contributions of people and groups who work to make their community a safer place to live.

RPTV was launched in November 2006. It is a forum for youth, ages 12-24, to voice their experiences, share their stories and explore the issues that affect them and their community. The videos are produced by youth, with the support of youth staff, and are accessible in a range of formats including interviews, current events, debates, short dramas, documentaries, news shows, public service announcements and mockamentaries. Toronto Community Housing's Social Investment Fund is one of RPTV's key funders.

The videos can be viewed at The youth involved in RPTV meet regularly to discuss content and learn a range of skills in digital video and new media technologies as well as engage in production activities. RPTV is provided thanks to the support of Toronto Community Housing, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canadian Heritage, the Tippet Foundation, the Ontario Arts Council, Tides Canada Foundation, Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion, Exclusive Film and Video and the Drug Prevention Community Investment Program.

The Mayor's Community Safety Awards have become an important way to focus on safety issues at a local level, and to share the stories of organizations and individuals who are working to improve the safety of our communities. Winners are awarded with $1,000.00. This money is to be used to continue their work towards violence prevention.