Pump up the vote: Youth elections in Pelham Park

Pump up the vote: Youth elections in Pelham Park

November 23, 2006

On November 15, ten youth ran for seats on the Pelham Park Youth Resource Centre Steering Committee. ThisPelham Park Youth speaking at theSteering Committee elections. has been a significant year for youth in Pelham Park. Thanks to the recent youth elections, 2007 promises to be just as great.

With support from Toronto Community Housing and John Ralston Saul, one of Canada's finest philosophers, youth from Pelham Park and Symington communities engaged their peers in the democratic process. These dedicated young men and women proved they have what it takes to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Candidates had only two minutes to deliver speeches that promised hard work, advocacy, and positive role modeling. In addition to fellow youth, community members and parents also came to show support and ask questions about the campaign platforms.

After a tough question and answer period, the audience went to the polls. Eight candidates were selected by their peers to help guide the vision of the Pelham Park Youth Resource Centre for 2007.

The elections are a great example of how Toronto Community Housing, community members and youth advocates can get involved to create opportunities that promote resiliency and healthy development for youth living in Toronto.

Youth Group
The Pelham Park Youth Resource Centre officially opened on September 14, 2005. It is open to those between the ages of 13 and 25 living within the community. The centre provides youth with access to computers and other electronics, and programs that are catered to their unique needs. Since the grand opening, Pelham Park youth have delivered workshops on AIDS and healthy sexuality for their peers, created colourful masks which highlighted their creative flare and engaged local decision makers on youth issues.