Paving Paths to Financial Success for Toronto Community Housing residents: An Evening of Wisdom and Friendship

Paving Paths to Financial Success for Toronto Community Housing residents: An Evening of Wisdom and Friendship

November 13, 2014

The Honorable Jean Augustine speaks on the Agents of Change Panel, with (from left to right) Shadya Yasin, Sharon Williams and Karilyn Percil

On a recent Saturday evening, over 150 women from all walks of life gathered for the second annual Journeys to Success Celebration Dinner to recognize, support and share the successes and challenges women face on their path to achieving financial freedom.

Residents were joined by a number of guests, including the Honorable Jean Augustine, the first Caribbean-Canadian woman to be elected to the House of Commons.

Toronto Community Housing Resident and Community Services division organized the event to celebrate the ordinary women in our communities who lead exceptional lives. With a focus on financial freedom, the event included dinner, prize give-aways, inspirational panels, financial advice and networking opportunities from a diverse panel of accomplished women.

Toronto Community Housing provides homes to some of the most engaged and inspiring women in Toronto, for whom this housing plays an integral role in finding financial freedom.�

Residents also had an opportunity to empower others by imparting their wisdom.

Malvern resident and community leader Jennifer Taitt told the crowd that �the greatest things you can do is give back to your community.�

�Hold your head high, and never limit yourself,� she said.

Eugenia Duodu, a 26 year-old Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry at the University of Toronto who has grown up in Toronto Community Housing, was the youngest Agents of Change panel member. She shared a special message for young people.

�Don�t think about school, think about where you want to be in the future - be disciplined, use all your resources and set realistic goals,� said Eugenia. �My secret to financial success was to find my passion and do it with excellence.�

Resident Linda Carter said, �This has been one of the most inspirational evenings I have ever been to because it was real�real people, real challenges, and real success stories.�

Business in the Streets Program Manager Veronika registers residents and guests with business mentorship opportunities at her community partner booth

Business in the Streets, a program that provides at-risk and newcomer youth with business knowledge in their communities, was one of several community partners that attended the event.

�I learned so much,� said Business in the Streets Program Manager Veronika. �I loved the celebration of challenges, as well as successes, because it shows the strength, determination and power these women possess and share with others.�

�This has been a phenomenal opportunity to gather to support and empower each other. Events like this are important because women need to know that no matter what obstacles they face, they can and do make a difference every day. That is why we are here, to recognize and celebrate all the ways they contribute to building vibrant communities,� said Simone Atungo, Toronto Community Housing Director of Resident and Community Engagement.

By creating opportunities where residents, staff and community leaders can come together and learn from each other, Toronto Community Housing is helping to build vibrant communities where people can thrive.

Resident Fatima and her friend pose at Journeys to Success networking event