Participatory Budgeting: $1.8M Capital Allocation Day

Participatory Budgeting: $1.8M Capital Allocation Day

March 31, 2008

This is a key tenant decision-making activity, and part of the participatory budgeting process at Toronto Community Housing. On this day, 27 tenants, one from each Community Housing Unit, will decide which tenant-identified priority projects merit capital funding for 2008.

On Saturday, representatives from each Community Housing Unit will gather at the North York Civic Centre Council Chambers to present their application for part of $1.8 million in capital funding. Projects selected must be for common areas and will fall into one of three categories: safety/security, grounds or building upgrade. Each CHU delegate will be allotted 10 votes for allocating funds to other projects (not their own).

Participatory budgeting, guided by open communication and transparency, is a tenant-led process. The Participatory Budgeting Committee, made up of tenants and staff, has been working to improve the process for the $1.8M Allocation Day and this year the application and guidelines were reviewed and updated. Also new this year, the committee will be presenting an Annual Report indicating their achievements, their areas of work for 2008 and the budget for last year's Capital Allocation Day.

Since 2002, Toronto Community Housing has allocated $9 million each year for building repairs and other improvements that tenants identify as priorities. The $9 million in capital funds allocated by tenants is based on a process that was developed by tenants. This includes $7.2 million allocated by Tenant Councils based on priorities identified by tenants in each Community Housing Unit.

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