New partners providing property management services

New partners providing property management services

April 19, 2012

Toronto Community Housing has selected four companies to provide property management services in 58 buildings.

The contracts cover 12,017 units in six groups of buildings. Del Management Solutions will manage three groups. Ainsworth, Greenwin and MetCap Living Properties will each manage one group.

The companies were selected through a competitive bid process. Firms were invited to submit creative proposals to improve operating effectiveness while meeting or exceeding our service standards.

Contract management is a cost-effective way to provide quality property management services for tenants. Money saved through contracted property management will help Toronto Community Housing tackle its $751-million capital repairs backlog and improve the quality of housing and life for tenants.

Toronto Community Housing has a created a Contract Management Unit with a manager and three dedicated Community Housing Supervisors. This will mean better oversight of property management contracts.

Toronto Community Housing will provide tenants with continuity of service, with minimum disruption, during any transition.We will also work with the property management companies so tenants know about any changes.

The new contracts go into effect May 1, 2012.


"Toronto Community Housing has a $751-million capital repair bill. We must find solutions that provide quality housing and services for tenants while achieving savings that can be re-invested in capital repairs to our buildings. Contract management is one of those solutions."

"Toronto Community Housing has a long history of successfully working with private sector partners to deliver our mission, and we believe this approach will result in quality services for less cost, which benefits all tenants."

-- Bud Purves, Chair, Toronto Community Housing Board of Directors

Quick facts

  • 12,017 units in 58 Toronto Community Housing communities will be managed by our property management partners starting May 1, 2012
  • This is an increase from 9,307 units in 45 communities. Adding more units helped us attract more companies. This made it easier for us to get the best deal possible.
  • Companies were chosen using a competitive bid process
  • Companies had to show that they can meet Toronto Community Housing's requirements to provide tenants with quality services
  • A new position has been created to manage the relationship between Toronto Community Housing and our property management partners. The Manager of Contract Compliance and Delivery will work closely with both the property management companies and Operations Management staff to provide day-to-day oversight of the contracts.
  • Money saved through contracted property management will help Toronto Community Housing tackle its $751-million capital repairs backlog and improve the quality of housing and life for tenants.
  • Communications to tenants will include posters in affected buildings, a handout with answers to frequently asked questions, an article in the front door, which is mailed to every household, and meet-and-greets to introduce property managers to tenants.

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