My Summer Job with TCHC

My Summer Job with TCHC

September 20, 2006

I began working with TCHC on July 13th 2006. My first day went really well, everyone was welcoming and nice to me and I was not treated any different because of my age. It was nice to be in an office with such a diverse group of people who possessed a diverse amount of skills. After my first day I could not help but laugh when I thought that all my friends have jobs working in malls, at grocery stores, or in fast food restaurants, but me- I was at my very first office job!

I knew that this would be a learning experience for me, but I had no idea that it would be this much of a learning experience. Within my first week I was co-planning a graduation event, making important phone calls, attending important meetings, I had my own email account, my own phone number and voicemail-the list just goes on. Each day I would tell my mother and my siblings about how awesome my job was and how much things I got to do!

One of the greatest moments for me was speaking at the First Annual Graduation Gala. That whole process was so exciting for me. I only thought that I was to help plan and set up for the event, but I was asked to co MC and make an opening speech as well! I was nervous at first but in the end I think I did a good job. Everyone had enjoyed it and after the event they told me how inspirational my words were. It was such a great honour. The most surprising moment for me however was when I was featured in an article on the TCHC website! I could not believe my eyes when I read it and saw my picture. I was in complete shock when I realized that they were talking about me! I couldnt wait to tell everyone, so that night I emailed all my family and good friends and I sent them the link to the site. They were so happy for me.

In time, I have learned more than I had bargained for, even if it was just little things like how to file, what arrears were or even finding out more about TCHC as a whole. Having the responsibility to do things like re-organizing the filing room, or completing tasks given to me by other co-workers has made me learn more about time-management and it has well improved my organizational skills and made me feel much more professional and sophisticated than ever before.

I have never had a job where most of my skills come to use, whether it is computer skills, customer service, organizational, logical or interpersonal. This opportunity has opened my eyes and made me realize hidden skills that I never thought I had. This summer has been a great one, and because of this job I am open to other opportunities. If it werent for this job I would not have experienced all that I had or met all the wonderful people that I did. As the saying goes, All good things come to an end and I am saddened that it is about to be over because I have gotten so use to being here everyday. This is by far better than any other job I have had before and much more rewarding. Many times I wish that I could keep it and learn even more.

Once again this summer has been such a wonderful one. The amount that I have learnt, all that I have done and how much Ive grown because of this only proves how wonderful it really was for me. I dont think I will forget the experience that I had at my first office job working with TCHC.