Meet Toronto Community Housing’s new Tenant Representatives

Meet Toronto Community Housing’s new Tenant Representatives

May 14, 2015

​​​​In March, thousands of Toronto Community Housing tenants from communities across the city voted for Tenant Representatives. Since starting their new three-year terms in April, the 312 newly-elected Tenant Representatives have been working with staff and fellow tenants to build better homes, better communities and a better Toronto for all.

Tenant Representatives have been an integral part of Toronto Community Housing since the Resident Engagement System was created in 2003. Tenant Representatives represent the interests of their community, involve tenants in community building, help keep tenants informed, and participate actively on tenant councils.

The newly-elected Tenant Representatives had their first tenant council meetings in April and May.

newly-elected Tenant Representatives
Seniors and Single Family Homes - Central/East (OU A)

New reps from OUB
Seniors and Single Family Homes - Central/West (OU B)

OUC new reps
Weston Rexdale (OU C)

OUD new reps
York Black Creek (OU D)

OUE tenant reps
Etobicoke South High Park (OU E)

OUF tenant reps
Yorkdale Lawrence (OU F)

OUG tenant reps
Willowdale Don Valley (OU G)

OUH tenant reps
Scarborough (OU H)

OUI tenant reps
Scarborough South West (OU I)

OUJ tenant reps
Grange Bathurst St. Lawrence (OU J)

OUK tenant reps
Central Sherbourne (OU K)

OUL tenant reps
Don Valley Beaches (OU L)

OUM tenant reps
Central Parliament (OU M)

Toronto Community Housing will hold by-elections later this year in communities where no one was nominated to be a Tenant Representative. Residents are also being invited to share their opinions through consultations on the Resident Engagement System, which will take place starting this fall.