Looking From Inside Out

Looking From Inside Out

October 16, 2007

This summer, Toronto Community Housing youth, adults and seniors participated in "Looking From Inside Out." The workshop, sponsored by the Toronto Arts Council - brought Muslim families together through art and creativity.

Tenants from Toronto Community Housing's Parma Court and Cataraqui communities created masks and paper-mache sculptures. At the workshops, participants created meaningful art and shared stories with one another. Khalid, 11, said that the workshop was a great way to bring parents from the Muslim community together. What he found the most fun was creating a sculpture based on one of the characters in his favorite fable "The Bear and the Frog."

The workshop was led by local artist Pamela Schuller and were held in spaces provided by Toronto Community Housing. The masques were on display at City Hall.

For more information on Looking From Inside Out, contact pamela@stonemasque.com or Stacy Golding at stacy.golding@torontohousing.ca