Learn more about Toronto Community Housing

Learn more about Toronto Community Housing

June 22, 2016

Three Toronto Community Housing residents.
25 per cent of Toronto Community Housing residents are seniors, 37 per cent are adults, and 38 per cent are children and youth.

The cost of renting a home in Toronto has reached staggering heights. This city has the third-most expensive rents in Canada. Almost half of households in the city rent, and 43.5 per cent of them spend more than 30 per cent of their pre-tax income on rent. Finding affordable rental housing in Toronto can be a challenge for residents of all income levels. For lower-income residents, it can be particularly difficult.

Toronto Community Housing provides homes to nearly 60,000 low and moderate-income households, making us the largest social housing provider in Canada. About 110,000 people live in our homes, which are in almost every neighbourhood of the city. Toronto Community Housing residents come from diverse backgrounds and include seniors, families, singles, recent immigrants and people with a range of special needs.

Want to know more about Toronto Community Housing? Begin by visiting the About page on the 2015 Annual Report website and reading more about Toronto Community Housing's residents and our homes.

The 2015 Annual Report, In every neighbourhood, looks back at what we achieved last year and looks ahead to the work still to be done. It showcases the value of our housing and why investing in its future makes sense.

View the 2015 annual report to see other ways we're investing in neighbourhoods and people at annualreport.torontohousing.ca. You can also find this link from the home page of our website at torontohousing.ca.

Printed copies of the 2015 Annual Report

To keep costs low, we have printed a limited number of copies of the 2015 Annual Report.

Residents who would like a printed copy of the 2015 Annual Report can call 416-981-5500, email help@torontohousing.ca or visit their local Operating Unit office.

Anyone can print copies of the PDF from the website. The 2015 Annual Report was designed to be easily printed in offices or at home.​