Investing in neighbourhoods and people

Investing in neighbourhoods and people

June 15, 2016

​​​A map with pins pointing to the locations where we're working with community partners.
​​The 2015 Annual Report, In every neighbourhood, looks back at what we achieved last year and looks ahead to the work still to be done. It also emphasizes the value of our housing and why investing in its future makes sense.

While Toronto Community Housing's core business is being a landlord, we also try to provide opportunities that promote community development and improve the lives of the people who live in our homes. As we don't receive direct funding for this work, these opportunities are made possible with the support of over 300 community agencies, business partners and elected officials. Through partnerships with these groups, we're able to provide recreational programs, scholarships, and job and training opportunities for residents. We also connect residents to services to help them maintain successful tenancies and live independently. These programs help strengthen our communities and the people who live in them.

Visit the map on the 2015 Annual Report website​ and click on the pins to see some of the examples of how Toronto Community Housing invested in neighbourhoods and people last year.

Visit the 2015 annual report to see other ways we're investing in neighbourhoods and people at You can also find this link from the home page of our website at

Printed copies of the 2015 Annual Report

We have printed a limited number of copies of the 2015 Annual Report. A few copies are being sent to each Operating Unit office.

Residents who would like a printed copy of the 2015 Annual Report can call 416-981-5500, email or visit their local Operating Unit office.

Anyone can print copies of the PDF from the website. The 2015 Annual Report was designed to be easily printed in offices or at home.​