Interim Office Locations

Interim Office Locations

September 30, 2008

As part of our commitment to improve customer service and serve you better, we are implementing the reorganization of our corporate structure - moving from 27 Community Housing Units to 13 Operating Units. This will result in the closure of some current offices and the opening of interim housing offices.

Interim offices will be available as we renovate or build permanent offices that will be bigger, more open and house more front-line staff. Your service will continue to be available during this process, and please continue to call 416-981-5500.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause but this necessary move will increase services to our customers by increasing the number of front-line staff. Here is a list of the temporary offices in your operating unit. If you don't know which operating unit you are located in, please look at our Operating Unit Maps.


Operating Unit

Walk-in Office Location

A+B 801 Mt. Pleasant Rd. - Directions
C 1901 Weston Rd. - Directions
D 415 Driftwood Ave. - Directions
E 4020 Dundas St. W - Directions
F 3050 Bathurst St. - Directions
G 1700 Finch Ave. E - Directions
H 400 McCowan Rd. - Directions
I 3330 Danforth Ave. - Directions
J 20 Vanauley Street - Directions
K 275 Shuter St. - Directions
L 80 Danforth Ave. - Directions
M 19 Belshaw Place - Directions