TCHC talks digital transformation at ITAC event

TCHC talks digital transformation at ITAC event

March 27, 2019

​Luisa Andrews, TCHC's Vice President of Information Technology Services, recently took part in a panel with senior executives from the LCBO, Rogers and eHealth Ontario about key digital issues and opportunities in the public sector.

Left to right: Steve Gesner, Michael Eubanks, Luisa Andrews and Tracey Laurence

Organized by the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC), the panel took place on March 6 at the Rogers Communications headquarters in Toronto.

Announced by the organizers as featuring "four of Ontario's influential leaders," the other three panellists included Michael Eubanks, Senior VP & CIO, LCBO; Tracey Laurence, Vice President, IT Services, Rogers; and Steve Gesner, Executive Vice President, Technology Operations, eHealth Ontario.

Toronto Community Housing’s Vice President of Information Technology Services, Luisa Andrews speaking to industry professionals.

During the discussion, Luisa highlighted some of the challenges and opportunities of TCHC's ongoing digital transformation. Having joined us in August 2018, Luisa has brought more than two decades of experience in developing and delivering business solutions through information technology, process redesign and people leadership.

ITAC hosted the panel discussion as part of a series of events aimed at an "open and transparent value exchange and to encourage the sharing of information between industry and government as well as to jointly identify IT challenges and solutions."