Highlights of January 18 Toronto Community Housing board meeting

Highlights of January 18 Toronto Community Housing board meeting

January 18, 2016

Toronto Community Housing's board of directors approved a�City Council motion to�rename 39 Harcourt Ave.�after Janice Foley, a long-time resident of the building, in recognition of her service as a tenant representative and community leader. �

The board also�approved�membership of board committees and appointments to the boards of Toronto Community Housing subsidiaries.�

As well, the board of directors�discussed ten corporate goals�for 2016 focusing on four key priorities: delivering quality homes, creating vibrant communities for residents, striving for service excellence, and strengthening business foundations. These goals will be further discussed by the board at its next meeting.

Greg Spearn, President and CEO (Interim) of Toronto Community Housing updated the board on various ongoing projects including:

� A winter jacket giveaway for�Rookie League�participants supported by Jays Care Foundation and New Era Clothing,

� Toronto Crime Stoppers month launch event and an update on�Toronto Community Housing's partnership�with Toronto Crime Stoppers, and

� Toronto Community Housing's�presentation�to the City Budget Committee�about Toronto Community Housing's�2016 budget.

The board received a report confirming that all executive contracts at Toronto Community Housing are now in line with the City's compensation model and that 20-per-cent bonuses have been eliminated. Consistent with the City's model, officers and executives are now eligible to earn annual performance-based merit pay not to exceed a maximum of 4.5 per cent. As well, 2016 salaries for executives are at or below the low end of the City's salary band for comparable positions. These salaries will be released publicly prior to the annual public disclosure of Toronto Community Housing employees paid $100,000 or more.

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