Five things tenants should know about Lawrence Heights revitalization

Five things tenants should know about Lawrence Heights revitalization

February 25, 2010

Toronto Community Housing is currently working with tenants from the Lawrence Heights and Neptune communities to develop a revitalization plan that will deliver better housing and parks, improve community safety and create more social, recreational and economic opportunities for residents. There are five things all tenants should know about the revitalization.

GOOD HOUSING: Toronto Community Housing is committed to providing all tenants with housing in a good state of repair. To do this means that the homes in Lawrence Heights need to be replaced. How Toronto Community Housing can pay for these improvements is part of the plans being developed.

TENANTS' RIGHTS: All Lawrence Heights tenants have a right to live in one of the new units that are built as part of the revitalization. Rent will not change - it will continue to be based on your income. New homes will have the same number of bedrooms. There will be the same number of rental units, or more, than there are in the community today.

MINIMAL DISRUPTION: We know how important it is for many residents to stay in the community throughout the revitalization process. We are committed to making this happen. We have been working with residents to develop a plan that respects their interests. We will know for sure whether and how we'll be able to meet that goal once a final plan has been developed.

MORE THAN HOUSING: Revitalization is about more than replacing housing that is in poor repair. We're using the opportunity to improve parks, schools and transit and to increase local jobs, training and community services. As these changes happen, it will provide the community with more access to shops and services.

PLANNING TOGETHER FIRST: Toronto Community Housing is working with tenants living in Lawrence Heights to create a plan for revitalization. The plan must meet as many of the goals of the community and Toronto Community Housing as possible. Nothing will happen until the plan is completed. When work does begin it will be gradual, happening in several phases. All together, the revitalization process will take about 20 years.