"Conversation Caf�" on Contract Management

"Conversation Caf�" on Contract Management

August 13, 2007

On May 22nd, over 70 Tenant Representatives and Toronto Community Housing staff spent an exciting evening with Toronto Community Housing Board Committee members discussing ways to improve tenant services.

The Communities Committee of the Toronto Community Housing Board hosted a �conversation caf� because Toronto Community Housing�s property management contracts will expire at the end of 2007.

250 tenants in the four communities that are currently receiving contract property management services were consulted on their experiences. They raised concerns about:

  • Accountability�
  • customer service
  • work orders and the quality of work
  • communication and policy implementation.

On May 22nd, Tenant Representatives gathered around tables to come up with solutions to the concerns Toronto Community Housing had heard. Each table was hosted by a member of the Toronto Community Housing Board or Senior Management Team, and assigned a facilitator and note-taker. The results of the discussion are being sent to all participants and posted here.

Here are the notes on the four topics; Customer Service, Work Orders & Quality of Work, Communications & Policy Implementation and Accountability.

During the table discussions, one tenant representative said, �People at Toronto Community Housing listen, but you need to hear.� We hope that we have indeed heard, and that tenants will see their ideas reflected in better service in all our buildings.

These notes record all tenant representative comments written on flipcharts at eight table discussions.

Toronto Community Housing�s Board and staff will consider all the comments as they make decisions about contract property management.

Thanks to all the tenant representatives and Toronto Community Housing staff who brought their creativity to the table.