Contract Management Contracts Awarded

Contract Management Contracts Awarded

March 11, 2008

Providing tenants with better services is a key part of Toronto Community Housing's Community Management Plan. Across Toronto Community Housing, about 11,000 units are managed by contracted property management companies. These companies do much of the work that Toronto Community Housing's employees do: they calculate and collect rents, clean and maintain the building, and make repairs in units.

On March 31, 2008, Toronto Community Housing's contracts with outside property management companies will expire. We have used this as an opportunity to improve property management services, and to make sure all tenants receive quality service, no matter where they live.

Toronto Community Housing has just completed an extensive process to select the property management companies to take on these contracts.

The process included:

  • consultation with over 250 tenants in contract-managed communities
  • consultation with staff and other partners
  • careful analysis of the results of the 2006 Tenant Survey and Community Management Plan consultations
  • sending out a Request for Proposal

At the February Board of Directors meeting, the decision was made about which companies would get the contract to manage Toronto Community Housing's contract managed communities. Overall, the number of contract-managed buildings will stay about the same.


  • Some buildings that are now contract-managed will be managed by Toronto Community Housing staff and vice versa.
  • Some buildings will be managed by different property management companies than they are now.


Next steps

The new contracts come into effect on April 1, 2008. Staff and tenants that are working and living in contract managed communities will be notified. A transition plan is being put in place to make sure that if there are changes, they go as smoothly as possible.

List of buildings being managed by contracted property management companies