Update your contact information and stay connected with TCHC

Update your contact information and stay connected with TCHC

July 05, 2021

Now more than ever, it is important to update your contact information. Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) is introducing a new integrated HoMES system. The HoMES system will improve Toronto TCHC’s business processes, service delivery to tenants and create a more positive work experience for staff. Maintaining accurate tenant contact information in our systems will help us provide you with timely updates about your unit, community and other Public health notices the entire City of Toronto. All new and updated tenant contact information will be securely stored and updated in our new HoMES system.

Why is it important to keep your contact information up-to-date?
We want to have the most recent contact information in our database to help improve communication and engagement with you, especially for;
•    Emergencies (fire, flood, etc.)
•    Service notices (notice of entry, repairs, etc.)
•    Public health updates

The information you should update or verify:
•    Phone number
•    Email address
•    Emergency contact

How to update your contact information:
•    Contact the Client Care by phone at 416-981-5500 or by email at help@torontohousing.ca
•    At your local hub location
•    Annual review forms
•    Transfer request forms
•    Parking registration request

If you have questions about providing your contact information, please call Client Care at
416-981-5500 or send an email to help@toronothousing.ca.