City Auditor General confirms improvements at Toronto Community Housing are having “profound and far-reaching effects”

City Auditor General confirms improvements at Toronto Community Housing are having “profound and far-reaching effects”

April 27, 2016

​​TORONTO-City Auditor General Beverly Romeo-Beehler confirmed today at the Toronto Community Housing Board of Directors meeting that all 80 recommendations to improve the company's oversight of procurement, employee expenses and subsidiaries have been successfully implemented. Romeo-Beehler noted that the resulting improvements have led to "significant changes to the day-to-day operating environment" at Toronto Community Housing and have had "profound and far-reaching effects that cannot all be quantified in financial terms."

The 80 recommendations, contained in five audit reports released through 2011 and 2012, called for Toronto Community Housing to address deficiencies in controls for procurement, both at the parent company and its then-subsidiary, Housing Services Inc.; controls for employee expenses; central oversight of its vehicle fleet, which has been transferred to the City of Toronto; and oversight of its subsidiary companies.

Seventy-seven of the 80 recommendations had been implemented by 2015 following a full review of all relevant policies and procedures, revisions where there was opportunity to strengthen oversight, and staff retraining. Romeo-Beehler's final report, dated April 1, 2016, confirms the successful implementation of the final three recommendations, which pertained to oversight of Toronto Community Housing's subsidiary companies.

Also during today's meeting, the board appointed Kevin Marshman as Vice Chair and approved Toronto Community Housing's 2015 audited consolidated financial statements, annual report, letter to the shareholder, and information return. The board also approved the following contract awards:

• A contract of up to four years to a roster of four vendors (BiView Building Services, The Byng Group, Greenline Renovations Plus, and Solid General Contracting) to make repairs and renovations to prepare vacant units for new residents.

• A contract for elevator modernization and maintenance to Selco Elevator. Under the terms of the contract, Selco will replace 61 aging elevators in 28 buildings and also provide elevator maintenance services for 63 elevators.
• A contract award to KPMG to develop a refreshed information technology strategic plan for Toronto Community Housing.


"The Board is very pleased to receive the Auditor General's update. Both the Board and management of Toronto Community Housing have worked hard to improve financial controls and oversight at the company, and provide better value-for-money for our more than 110,000 residents and for taxpayers. We appreciate the Auditor General's acknowledgement that this work is making a difference."
- Bud Purves, Chair, Board of Directors

"Our financial controls, policies and procedures today are much more rigorous and transparent, especially in the areas of purchasing and employee expenses. These improvements are part of the continuing positive changes to better serve our residents and rebuild the public's trust."
- Greg Spearn, President and CEO (Interim)

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