Toronto Community Housing swearing-in ceremony highlights partnership with the Toronto Police Service

Toronto Community Housing swearing-in ceremony highlights partnership with the Toronto Police Service

October 26, 2018

Newly-sworn in Special Constables in Toronto Community Housing’s Community Safety Unit. Front row, from left: TCHC Chief Constable William Anderson; Toronto Community Housing President and CEO Kathy Milsom; and Toronto Police Service Inspector David Rydzic. 

TORONTO, October 26, 2018—Fifteen new special constables were sworn in today as part of Toronto Community Housing Corporation's (TCHC) commitment to make its communities safer for its 110,000 tenants.

As Canada's largest social housing provider, Toronto Community Housing has a mandate to deliver quality homes and services that support safe, vibrant communities.

"The safety of tenants and our communities is top priority for Toronto Community Housing, and we are committed to doing all that we can to provide safe living environments and peaceful neighborhoods. We greatly value our partnership with the Toronto Police Service as well as the City's support, as we expand our Community Safety Unit by hiring more special constables over the coming year," TCHC President and CEO Kathy Milsom said.

The Toronto Police Services Board approved the expansion of the Community Safety Unit (CSU) in 2017. As a result, TCHC has begun hiring and training new special constables. The CSU currently has 110 special constables who work to engage tenants on safety matters, protect TCHC property and, in partnership with Toronto Police Service, deliver crime prevention and law enforcement services. The unit responds to more than 90,000 calls per year, and also assists Toronto Police Service with crime investigations.

"In addition to providing and enforcing safety programs, TCHC special constables work with the Toronto Police Service on joint patrols to keep residents safe and follow up when crimes do occur to assist tenants, staff and victims of crime," said Bill Anderson, Chief Special Constable and Senior Director of the Community Safety Unit.

Special constables have the authority of a police officer on TCHC property. They work closely with the Toronto Police Service to help support investigations and provide information about criminal activity. In April 2018, the Toronto Police Services Board recognized three special constables with Community Member Awards for exemplary efforts in assisting the police.


Chief Special Constable Anderson's address to the new recruits highlighted the importance of their role in being of service to families, seniors and all members of the community. "One of the key rewards of this career is being seen as a part of the community, where individuals don't hesitate to approach you and ask for help," he said.


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Toronto Community Housing ( is Canada's largest social housing provider. We provide homes for nearly 60,000 low- and moderate-income households in neighbourhoods across the city. Our dedicated team of employees work in a variety of fields, including property management, resident engagement and community safety.


Note to media: 

An Open House for interested new applicants to the Community Safety Unit will be held on Thursday, November 1, 2018, at 246 Sackville St., in Regent Park. Doors open at 11 a.m., and the event will run until 3 p.m.


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