Building the Community Management Plan 2008-2010: What we heard

Building the Community Management Plan 2008-2010: What we heard

November 21, 2007

The Community Management Plan is Toronto Community Housing�s three-year business plan. It is updated every year.

Each year Toronto Community Housing meets with different stakeholders to help create the plan. In the Community Management Plan 2007-2009, there were five focus areas: buildings, communities, tenants, organization and finance. Within each of these focus areas, the plan included planned outcomes.

On Monday November 5, 2007 we met with nearly 500 stakeholders including staff, tenants and community agencies. We talked to them about what we have achieved so far in our Community Management Plan and what is coming up in the next few years. We then asked them to identify their top three priorities and to share ideas on how we can make the initiatives a success.

See the results from the conversations.

You can also check out a copy of the presentation from the consultation sessions and see copies of the posters that surrounded the room. If you did not get a chance to attend you can also fill in an electronic version of the workbook.