Bridging the Gap Soccer Clinic

Bridging the Gap Soccer Clinic

August 22, 2006

On Wednesday, August 2nd, more than 250 youth from Toronto Community Housing neighbourhoods took part in the �Bridging the Gap� soccer clinic hosted in partnership with The Toronto Blues Police soccer team.

Sportsphere Inc. and Gem Sports Canada generously donated uniforms, soccer balls and other soccer related equipment for each participant.

Officers from the soccer team led clinics in essential soccer skills passing, dribbling, and shooting while the kids displayed Toronto Community Housing�s philosophy of fun, teamwork, and community spirit.

The "Bridging the Gap" soccer clinic gives Toronto Community Housing youth from across the city a chance to participate in sports, and stresses the need for sport and exercise to promote health while providing an opportunity to develop soccer skills. It also provides an opportunity for participating youth and police officers to increase communication and build relationships.