Backgrounder: Toronto Community Housing 2015 accomplishments

Backgrounder: Toronto Community Housing 2015 accomplishments

December 02, 2015

In 2015, Toronto Community Housing delivered significant results on capital investments, improved customer service and supports for residents, and created innovative partnerships. The following are some highlights from the year.

Delivered on capital investments

  • Completed almost�23,000 capital repairs since 2013, including about 9,500 to date in 2015, year three of its�10-year capital repair plan. Toronto Community Housing is currently delivering $10 million to $15 million per month in capital repairs.�
  • Launched�the ReSet program�in three pilot communities to deliver faster, less disruptive and lower-cost capital repairs for 900 homes while engaging residents to drive community transformation.�
  • Secured $200 million in additional funds for�2016 capital repairs�by refinancing matured mortgages on 12 Toronto Community Housing buildings�through Infrastructure Ontario.

Revitalized communities

  • Our private sector development partners sold or pre-sold 774 condominium units across all�Revitalization communities.
  • Active work began in two new communities:�Allenbury Gardens�and�Lawrence Heights.�
  • Continued progress in�Regent Park�by completing 118 units in the rental replacement building at 180 Sackville, while moving forward on additional buildings and the new Regent Park Athletic Grounds.�

Improved supports for residents

  • Implemented�an updated accessibility policy�that sets standards for Toronto Community Housing to meet the needs of residents with disabilities.�
  • Completed the first full year of operation of the Office of the Commissioner of Housing Equity, expanding its focus to include all vulnerable residents.
  • Created the Vulnerable Seniors Action Plan to improve the ability of senior residents to maintain successful tenancies by recognizing their unique needs and ensuring they have access to supports.�
  • Completed a new version of the�tenant guide�with translations available to residents in 18 languages, as well as braille, audio and large-print formats.

Improved customer service

  • Added 60 cleaning staff. New standardized cleaning routines and additional staff will mean that residents will notice an improvement in the overall condition of their buildings.
  • Piloted the Close the Loop feedback program, and in late 2015, expanded it to four operating units serving 30,000 residents to ensure maintenance repair work meets resident expectations for quality, timeliness and respect.
  • Made significant improvements in call answer times and reduced abandoned call rates at the Client Care Centre.�

Created innovative partnerships

  • Continued to work with more than 300 partners in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to deliver capital repairs, improve supports and services for residents, and create benefits for surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • Partnered with MLSE Foundation�to build a new Sport for Development Centre�the MLSE LaunchPad�in a 43,000 square foot vacant space at 261 Jarvis. The centre will leverage sport, education and research to improve the health and mental development of Toronto�s youth.
  • Partnered with Covenant House, the Rotary Club of Toronto�s Women�s Initiatives Committee and the City of Toronto to support victims of sex trafficking to rebuild their lives.
  • Partnered with Toronto Atmospheric Fund�to implement a $4.2 million energy efficiency retrofit project in seven Toronto Community Housing buildings.
  • Partnered with community agency Cota to implement a pilot project to deliver supports to residents of one of our high-needs buildings at 220 Oak.

Other notable achievements

  • Completed�a third-party economic impact study�to show how investing in the repair and renewal of our aging buildings will result in substantial economic and social benefits for the city, province and country. The study also showed the consequences of not investing, including the risk of an additional 7,500 Toronto Community Housing homes being boarded up by 2023.
  • Produced the�Getting it done report�in response to the interim report of the Mayor�s Task Force. The report contains 71 action items to produce noticeable improvements for residents in four key areas: safety and security, building conditions, jobs and opportunities for residents, and customer service. In 2015, 32 of the 71 action items were completed, with 19 on track for completion next year. The 20 remaining action items require additional funding.
  • Implemented all but three of the 80 recommendations contained in five reports by Toronto�s Auditor General, leading to improvements to our procurement processes that have produced significant savings. The three outstanding recommendations are currently in progress.


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