Backgrounder: Safety in Regent Park

Backgrounder: Safety in Regent Park

October 11, 2012

At Toronto Community Housing, revitalization is not only about building better homes. It�s also about building a better, safer community. And you only need to look at Regent Park to see how new housing, new services and amenities, new safer street design, and new retail businesses and local jobs are all contributing to a safer community.�

A zero tolerance approach

We work with Toronto Police, community agencies, residents and other partners to make our buildings and open spaces safe�in Regent Park and all our communities�through:

  • Zero tolerance for criminal behaviour
  • On-the-ground presence by Special Constables in our Community Safety Unit
  • A close relationship with the Toronto Police��

Designing a safe community

At Regent Park, we have applied Crime Prevention through Environmental Design principles to enhance and support safety, including:

  • State-of-the-art video surveillance cameras in all new buildings and condos
  • Buildings with transparent foyer spaces and enter-phone systems
  • Wide, well-lit streets that are safer to walk along, easier for police to patrol, and better connected to the city grid�

The result: safe streets, safe residents��

Revitalization is working. The outcomes speak for themselves:

  • Violent crime has declined in Regent Park since the revitalization began in 2008, according to the Toronto Police 51 Division
  • Serious incidents have declined since 2008, according to Toronto Community Housing�s Community Safety Unit
  • Almost all residents in new social housing units at Regent Park�97 per cent�say they feel safe in their neighbourhood, according to early findings of a multi-year study led by Dr. Jim Dunn of McMaster University
  • Revitalization has already created 500 jobs in the community
  • Toronto Community Housing tenants are choosing to purchase homes in Regent Park

Building on our successes

This is only the beginning. More great things to come include:

  • More state-of-the-art buildings and well-lit streets to enhance community safety
  • New spaces where neighbours can get to know one another
  • New facilities where community agencies can engage youth through organized sport and other activities
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