Tenants celebrate at the Allenbury Gardens and Leslie Nymark summer carnival

Tenants celebrate at the Allenbury Gardens and Leslie Nymark summer carnival

July 18, 2017

On July 7, Allenbury Gardens hosted a summer carnival organized by Toronto Community Housing and several community partners. The event provided residents with an opportunity to strengthen community relationships and to speak with Toronto Community Housing staff about issues related to relocation and economic development.

Watermelon eating contest Ice cream truck

Strengthening community

The event highlighted the importance of creating and maintaining a sense of community during the relocation process. Relocating can be challenging and Toronto Community Housing is committed to making the transition as comfortable as possible for tenants.

Spiderman bouncy castle Registration table 
The community barbeque and festival was one way to support those directly affected. Tenants and community partners enjoyed food and music as Toronto Community Housing Manager, Revitalization and Renewal Communities, Rayon Reid-Brown facilitated a number of games. From a water-balloon toss to a watermelon eating contest, there was something fun for everyone.

The following community partners took part:

  • Toronto Fire Services
  • Hammer Heads (a building and construction program)
  • Career Edge internship program
  • Toronto Employment and Social Services
  • Tropicana Community Services

The community partners took the opportunity to share with tenant’s information about employment and career development opportunities.

Toronto Fire Service truck Water baloon toss game

Getting involved

The event created an opportunity for community members, stakeholders and Toronto Community Housing staff to meet and discuss possible future directions for economic development in their communities.

Toronto Community Housing staff members
From left to right: Vincent Tong, Vice President, Development (interim); Samantha Thambyah, Building and Community Facilitator; Rayon Reid-Brown, Manager, Revitalization and Renewal & Dwayne Duke, Building and Community Facilitator

Besides being a community engagement event, the summer carnival was organized to help build local capacity for self-organization and tenant involvement. From the beginning, tenants helped in the development, setup and operation of the carnival. The collective effort left everyone energized and in good spirits.

Let us know about events happening in your neighbourhood by emailing: public.affairs@torontohousing.ca.