291 George St. Update: February 14

291 George St. Update: February 14

February 14, 2017

​This update includes the latest information for tenants of 291 George St. who remain away from the building.

Building status 

Most tenants have returned. Some tenants will be away from the building for longer because there is more work to do to repair the damage from the fire. 


Some tenants will be moved to other TCHC apartments while repairs are made to 291 George St. We plan to tell you on Wednesday if you have to move. We will have a meeting Wednesday to explain how we will offer you other apartments and help you with the move:

  • Meeting: Wednesday, February 15, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. (Bond Place Hotel)

Next steps

Everyone who will be moving will meet with TCHC staff one-on-one to pick an apartment. Any services you have been receiving at 291 George St. will follow you to your new apartment if you move.


All tenants who cannot return to 291 George St. will continue to stay at the hotel until we can move you to another apartment.


All meals will continue to be provided at your hotel unless staff have given you other instructions.


Vouchers have been provided by the Red Cross that you can use to get clothes. If you did not get a voucher, talk with TCHC staff. Fred Victor staff will be coming today to ask what clothes you need.


If you have not gotten your OW or ODSP housing stabilization payment by Wednesday afternoon, speak with TCHC staff. If you receive CPP or OAS, speak with TCHC staff so that they can arrange supports for you.​​