291 George St. Update: February 11

291 George St. Update: February 11

February 11, 2017

​​​This update includes the latest information for tenants of 291 George St. This update will be shared with tenants staying in hotels or with friends/family and posted at:

  • 291 George St.
  • 155 Sherbourne St. (Operating Unit Office)
  • Our website: torontohousing.ca
  • The Client Care Centre: 416-981-5500

Building status: We are working as fast as we can to make repairs so that there is heat, hot water, electricity and elevator service on all floors. We're also cleaning up water damage and doing air quality tests. We need to finish the repairs and have the building inspected to confirm it is safe before we can start to move you back home.  We will update you on our progress on Sunday afternoon.

Planning your return: We have a plan to help get you back into your home once it is safe to return. Staff will meet with you one-on-one to talk about the return process and answer any questions you have.

4th floor and additional units: The fourth floor and up to five additional units damaged by the fire will need more extensive repairs. Staff will work with you one-on-one to discuss alternative accommodation and make sure you have the supports you need.

Hotel rooms: All tenants have a place to stay at a hotel this weekend. Please remember to follow the hotel rules, such as not smoking in your room or common areas. If you have questions about those rules, speak with TCHC staff.

Food: All meals will be provided at your hotel unless staff have given you other instructions.


The next update will be on Sunday, February 12, 2017.