What you need to know about 2018 elections

What you need to know about 2018 elections

May 28, 2018

Your participation in the provincial election is a great way to share opinions about the issues that matter to you. Toronto Community Housing has an election policy that governs the roles and responsibilities of Toronto Community Housing employees to make sure that residents receive timely information during official election campaigns, tenants' privacy rights are upheld, and all contact with candidates and/or agents are directed to the Public Affairs division.


Are candidates allowed in TCHC buildings? 

Yes. During a campaign, candidates have the right to enter TCHC buildings, knock on doors, talk to tenants and leave flyers behind.

Will TCHC share tenants’ personal information to candidates? 
No. TCHC will not share tenant lists with candidates or political parties. We respect tenant privacy.

Can tenants put up an election sign? 
Tenants may put up signs in their home, including on the fence if there is a yard. Signs cannot be affixed to balconies or common areas.

When are the elections? 
Ontario’s provincial election will be held on Thursday, June 7 and eligible voters will elect a Premier and members of Ontario’s Provincial Parliament (MPPs). The fall municipal election is to be held on Monday, October 22, 2018. This election will elect City Councilors and a Mayor in the City of Toronto.

Can tenants host a candidates’ meeting in a TCHC building? 
Yes, but all registered candidates must be invited.

Where can tenants obtain information about voting and registering to vote? 
Tenants are invited to call Elections Ontario at 1-888-668-8683 (TTY: 1-888-292-2312) and to visit the Elections Ontario website.

Who should I contact if I am a political candidate or staff of a political candidate? 
If you are a political candidate or staff of a political candidate and want to speak to someone at Toronto Community Housing, please contact our Stakeholder Relations team. 

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