2017 Annual Report: improving relationships in our communities

2017 Annual Report: improving relationships in our communities

July 26, 2018

Over the course of two years, the Tenant Charter Advisory Committee, made up of tenants and staff, worked together to create Toronto Community Housing's first-ever Tenant Charter.

The purpose of the Charter is to make sure everyone working at, living in or visiting Toronto Community Housing shares the responsibility of maintaining a culture of respect, safety, equity and inclusiveness.

Tenant Reginald Alstrom heard about the Tenant Charter Advisory Committee at a tenant meeting. A presenter spoke about the project and asked if anyone was interested in being an advisory committee member.

Reginald signed up.

"I enjoy meeting with others and discussing topics integral to the tenant experience," he said. With the other advisory committee members, Reginald discussed what good service looks like, what is important in a complaint process, how to improve communication to tenants, how to create a more inclusive atmosphere for all tenants, and more.

"The brainstorming activity and the grouping and condensation of ideas that led to the Tenant Charter were quite enjoyable and gratifying," Reginald said. "Tenants and staff will be well-served to adhere to the principles embodied in the Charter, as this will foster better relations within Toronto Community Housing communities."

Built on the core values of integrity, community collaboration, accountability and respect, the Tenant Charter communicates Toronto Community Housing's commitment to service, and sets out accountabilities for employees and tenants alike.

The Charter is now posted in all operating unit offices, corporate offices and each building. In 2018, staff will be encouraged to embrace how the Charter relates to their day-to-day functions, which will help improve the quality of service and create consistency across the Toronto Community Housing portfolio.

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