2017 Annual Report: giving tenants a voice and building trust in our communities

2017 Annual Report: giving tenants a voice and building trust in our communities

August 24, 2018

Almost 200 tenants gathered in December 2017 to attend a full-day conference hosted by Toronto Community Housing and delivered in partnership with the Tamarack Institute.

The conference provided a wide range of opportunities for tenants to get involved, discuss new ideas, network and build their skills and knowledge around community development.

At the conference, tenants provided input on Toronto Community Housing's strategies for better serving the needs of specific tenant populations, including seniors, youth and vulnerable tenants. Through workshops and seminars, tenants worked alongside Toronto Community Housing staff to help shape the future of the company.

Ahmed Adan heard about the conference from a Toronto Community Housing tenant leader who works and lives in his community. Ahmed was happy to attend the conference and be part of the conversation around the evolution of Toronto Community Housing and our move toward providing more tenant-centric, responsive service.

"The conference was overall a good one," he said. "I liked that the audience was given a good insight on the changes Toronto Community Housing is undergoing and the advancements they're making within the company." Highlights included a question-and-answer panel with members of the executive leadership team and an impromptu spoken word performance by Ahmed.

Ahmed is already looking forward to more conferences where tenants can get involved.

"In the future, I would like to see more tenants who live in Toronto Community Housing communities attend the conference and voice their opinions in order to better these communities," he said. "My favourite part was when senior leaders got to speak to the audience directly because it builds that sense of trust between Toronto Community Housing workers and tenants."

Caption: Tenant giving feedback at a group discussion during the 2017 Tenant Conference.

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