Toronto Community Housing’s 2015 Resident Survey finds 64% overall satisfaction rating and provides a roadmap for improvement

Toronto Community Housing’s 2015 Resident Survey finds 64% overall satisfaction rating and provides a roadmap for improvement

June 05, 2015

​​TORONTO - Almost two-thirds of residents expressed overall satisfaction with Toronto Community Housing, according to the 2015 Resident Survey conducted by Nielsen Consumer Insights.

The survey measured overall satisfaction as well as satisfaction with specific services such as repairs, maintenance, cleanliness, safety, and resident engagement. Toronto Community Housing performed relatively well on keeping residents informed about changes that affect them, being respectful when serving residents, and conducting emergency repairs, while building and unit conditions, cleanliness and community safety are areas for significant improvement. The condition of the buildings has the strongest impact on residents' satisfaction.

The survey found 64 per cent of residents are satisfied overall with Toronto Community Housing, a decline of four percentage points compared with the 2012 Resident Survey conducted by Ipsos Reid. The proportion of residents who are dissatisfied (25%) remained unchanged.

A majority of residents expressed satisfaction on each of the services measured, however, resident satisfaction varied based on where they live, who they are, and the service being measured. For example, satisfaction levels ranged from 74 per cent (being respectful when serving residents) to 52 per cent (keeping residents' views in mind when making decisions).

Other key findings include:
  • 74 per cent of residents are satisfied with the respect they are shown when being served.
  • Three-quarters of residents (76%) say they would support smoke-free Toronto Community Housing buildings. Support is higher among non-smoking households, however 38 per cent of smoking households said they would support smoke-free buildings.
  • More than one-third (36%) of residents identify general criminal activity as the biggest security problem in their communities, an increase of eight percentage points from a similar question in the 2012 survey.
  • Residents living in buildings directly managed by Toronto Community Housing rated their satisfaction on specific services at between 10 and 17 points higher than residents living in contract-managed buildings.
  • Seniors indicated the highest level of overall satisfaction (72%) while residents aged 19 to 34 reported the lowest rates (51%).
  • Toronto Community Housing fell short on the overall target for resident satisfaction of 75 per cent as identified in its 2013-2015 strategic plan.
The Resident Services Committee of Toronto Community Housing's Board of Directors considered the survey findings at its June 3, 2015 meeting. Management will present the findings to the Board of Directors on June 8, 2015.

Nielsen conducted the survey between February 4 and April 6, 2015. A total of 3,383 surveys using primarily mail format, but including some online and telephone surveys, were completed by residents from across Toronto Community Housing's 13 Operating Units comprising 2,300 properties (multi-unit buildings and stand-alone homes). The results have a margin of error of +/- 1.7%, 19 times out of 20.


"These results show moderate satisfaction levels but also point to several areas where we need to do better. We are already adding 60 frontline staff in 2015 to improve building cleanliness, unit conditions, and services to residents, but clearly we can and must do more-and we will."

"The survey confirms how strongly building conditions affect resident satisfaction. We have aging buildings that need hundreds of millions in capital repairs. With the City of Toronto's support, we will have invested $303 million in 2014-2015 to improve the condition of our buildings and we continue to work with the City to call on the federal and provincial governments to support our 10-year capital repair plan."
- Greg Spearn, President and CEO (Interim)

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