2014 Annual Report - Making the connections

2014 Annual Report - Making the connections

July 27, 2015

Last fall, a Community Services Coordinator received a file about a tenant who had not paid rent for several months.

Staff had been trying to contact the tenant, with no success. The Community Services Coordinator (CSC) was brought in for another try. The CSC reviewed the tenant's file and met with the tenant. It became clear the tenant was living with mental health challenges. The tenant's file showed a history of involvement by the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (OPGT) and mental health agencies.

Making the connections

In speaking with the tenant, the CSC learned that the tenant also had an adult child living in the unit. The CSC shared her concerns about their tenancy with the adult child, who had been unaware of the rent issues and was overwhelmed by the situation. With some coaching and encouragement, the CSC connected the household with community resources to help the family better manage their tenancy. The CSC also contacted the OPGT, which stepped in to help the household with the next steps, including figuring out how to deal with their rent arrears.

Many months later, the Community Services Coordinator received a phone call from the tenant thanking her for her help. The efforts to connect the tenant with the resources that the household needed were critical to helping this family stay in their home and to access the services they need to be able to continue to maintain their tenancy.

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