Event details


Event details


TCHC Board Meeting (Virtually - NOT in person)

Virtual- NOT in person

07/30/2020 08:55 am

07/30/2020 10:55 am

Toronto Community Housing Corporation

Watch a live webcast of the board meeting 
To watch the meeting online, visit the TCHC Board Live channel on YouTube
TCHC will be live streaming its Board and Committee meetings and allowing members of the public to depute in real time via teleconference

Board Documentation

Check back for updates to this section.

To learn how to make a deputation, visit our deputation process page 

If members of the public would like to depute to an item on the July 30 Board agenda, they have the option to do so by either:

  • submitting a written deputation to Sonia Fung at sonia.fung@torontohousing.ca which will be circulated to the Board members; or

  • contacting Sonia Fung at 416-981-5993  or sonia.fung@torontohousing.ca to confirm their intention to depute in real time via teleconference. When contacting Sonia, deputants must provide their name, phone number and the item(s) they wish to depute on. 

The deadline to confirm intent to depute and to submit written deputation submissions for the July 30 Board meeting is Wednesday, July 29 at noon.

Meeting Documentation

Materials posted after the meeting:
Video recording of meeting

Written Deputations 

Recorded Deputations
Click here to watch the video deputations.