Bidding process

Bidding process

​​​​Preparing your submission

All bidders must review the entire document, understand the requirements and obligations, and provide all necessary information or documents.

Generally, there are three major stages of evaluation. The following information is only a guideline. Vendors must review the bid document to understand each project's stages of evaluation.​​​​

Stages of evaluation​

Stage 1: Mandatory requirements (pass/fail basis)

Proposals must comply with all ​mandatory requirements or will be disqualified and will not proceed to the next stage.

Stage 2: Rated criteria (point basis)

This stage will be used only for open competitive procurement processes such as Requests for Proposal (RFP) and Requests for Vendor Qualifications(RFVQ). A Toronto Community Housing cross-functional evaluation team will review all proposals and score them based on points allocated in the rated criteria section. Proposals should provide information requested in the rated criteria. Failure to do so will result in deduction of points but not disqualification of proposals.

Stage 3: Pricing (point basis or lowest bid basis)

​This stage will be used for all competitive processes (invitational or public tender) but not the open prequalification process (RFVQ). The evaluation criteria for pricing may be on a point basis or on the lowest bid basis, depending on the bid. Failure to provide pricing information when required in the bid document will result in disqualification of the proposals.

Site visits and information sessions

Site visits and information sessions are scheduled and conducted by Toronto Community Housing's Strategic Procurement Unit and the project lead.

The date and time of the site visits and information sessions will be included in the bid document.

Site visits and information sessions may be mandatory or optional. Bidders should confirm if the site visits or information sessions are mandatory. If mandatory, failure to attend or sign the attendance sheet will result in disqualification of the bidder.

Questions and additional information​

During the competitive process, bidders may ask questions or seek additional information by emailing their request to the Toronto Community Housing contact in the bid document. Toronto Community Housing's Strategic Procurement Unit will issue additional written materials ​to respond to vendor questions. In addition to the questions from bidders, Toronto Community Housing will provide extra information relating to the bid through supplemental documents.