New recruit training

New recruit training

The goal of the TCHC Community Safety Unit recruit training program is to provide newly hired officers with the core skills, knowledge and abilities to perform confidently in the field as sworn special constables.  

The first training module known as the Recruit Basic Special Constable Training Program is focused on statute law, use of force, as well as the procedural application of knowledge and skills. This module is five weeks long and includes sessions focused on scenario-based training.

In the second module, recruits are taught all processes relating specifically to TCHC and the Community Safety Unit. Standard operating procedures, corporate policies, guidelines related to employee health and safety as well as codes of conduct are covered in this four-week session.

The first two modules provide recruits a holistic framework in understanding their role as law enforcement officers within the organization. Next, recruits go through the Coach Officer Training Program where they are paired up with a seasoned officer who is there to lead by example, be a role model, foster positive attitudes and demonstrate competence in all performance indicators for five rotations.

This final module is designed to coach and mentor new recruits. Specifically, it is focused on developing competent, independently functioning frontline officers who will provide law enforcement and security related services in a safe, courteous, and effective manner.

Should the recruit satisfy all probationary terms and successfully complete all modules of the recruit training program, his or her application for Special Constable status will be submitted on their behalf by the Community Safety Unit to the Toronto Police Service for approval. 

Once sanctioned by the Toronto Police Service board as well as the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, recruits become sworn peace officers and are promoted to the position of special constable within the unit.