Building for sustainability

Building for sustainability

​​Toronto Community Housing looks for innovative ways to improve, renew and maintain our housing supply. We are proud to support the development of sustainable buildings.

LEED® certification

Many of our buildings have implemented best practices described in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) for New Construction system, an internationally-recognized rating system for best practices in creating sustainable buildings. For more information about LEED® visit the Canada Green Building Council website.​

LEED credits are organized into seven main green building categories:
  • Sustainable sites recognizes steps we have taken to reduce the impact of our site, as well as how residents and visitors travel to and from the building every day.
  • Water efficiency focuses on strategies to reduce water use, specifically drinking water use.
  • Energy and atmosphere includes strategies for reducing energy use, as well as greenhouse gas emissions, which lead to climate change.
  • Materials and resources is about selecting materials to reduce the environmental impact of constructing this building, as well as dealing with waste appropriately.
  • Indoor environmental quality recognizes that in order for a building to be great, it not only needs to be great for the environment, it also needs to be great for the people living in it. This means paying close attention to the air quality and the daylight levels within the space.
  • Innovation in design rewards projects for going above and beyond the standard LEED credits, and implementing something different.
  • Regional priority rewards projects with extra credits for pursuing specific LEED credits based on the province they are located in and whether they are in an urban or rural setting.

Participating buildings

Several Toronto Community Housing buildings have targeted LEED certification. See examples of what sustainable building practices look like at 150 Dan Leckie Way​ and 230 Sac​kville​.​​

Please email to participate in a tour and to learn more about these buildings.​

Our green initiatives

Please visit torontoho​usi​​/green​​ ​to learn more about Toronto Community Housing's green initiatives, including conservation tips for residents and staff.