Regent Park Laneway Naming

Regent Park Laneway Naming

Regent Park Laneway Naming

In June 2019, Toronto Community Housing engaged Regent Park residents to create a new name for the laneway between River Street and Sumach Street in the neighbourhood. With the help of community animators, we received 45 potential names and shortened them to five names with the help of residents in the Revitalization Working Group and other community stakeholders.


Residents of Regent Park were then invited to vote at the Community Update Meeting on February 18th, 2020. Hereunder are the results of the vote:


Laneway Naming                    # of votes

Freedom Lane                                        2

Phoenix Lane                                         0

Ratna Lane                                           183

Tkaronto Lane                                        4

Viola Desmond Lane.                             4

Invalid Ballots                                       17

210 Total Votes


Next Steps:

The Daniels Corporation and Toronto Community Housing will work with the Engineering and Construction Services Division and the local City Councillor's office to put forward a report to approval the Toronto and East York Community Council. Keep checking out this page for updates on the status of the laneway naming.

Where will the laneway be?

Sketch of map outlining where laneway will be located