​Rivertowne, formerly known as Don Mount Court, is located in south Riverdale on the east side of Toronto. It was one of Toronto's oldest public housing communities and became Canada's first mixed-income public housing redevelopment community when Joel Weeks Park opened in 2012.

A row of houses


  • 232 rental units
  • 187 condominium townhome units
  • A mix of one- to five-bedroom units, including wheelchair accessible units
  • Design of the four-storey apartment building and townhomes aligned with the height and style of surrounding low-rise buildings to blend in with market housing
  • New public streets with landscaped boulevards, courtyards and pedestrian walkways
  • Munro Street extension now connects Queen Street with Dundas Street
  • A two-acre neighbourhood park (Joel Weeks Park) with refurbished basketball courts, a new playground and a water play area


An engineering study completed in 2000 revealed extensive concrete deterioration and the need to take action to ensure resident safety and meet provincial housing standards. Based on tenant and community input and engineering advice, Toronto Community Housing decided to revitalize Don Mount Court as a mixed-income community, including both rental and ownership housing.

  • The Rivertowne revitalization began in 2002.
  • The project was supported by the City of Toronto and the Ontario government.
  • A consultation process involved tenants of Don Mount Court, local residents, businesses and community agencies through advisory committees, public meetings and open houses over five years to ensure that local residents helped shape the final design of the new community.

Joel Weeks Park

Community Development

In partnership with the City of Toronto and local service providers, we are developing a Community Action Plan to help enhance the experience of everyone living in Rivertowne and support its transition into a mixed-income community. This community-driven process began in 2015 and includes the following activities:

Asset Mapping Resident Working Group (started in June 2015)

The Asset Mapping brochure identifies resources, programs, schools, spiritual leaders, and spaces used by Rivertowne residents.

Needs Assessment Resident Working Group (started in July 2015)

The Needs Assessment report identifies the gaps, issues and opportunities for improvements in Rivertowne.

Rivertowne Needs Assessment Report.pdf​​

Community Town Hall Meetings (planned for September 2016)

Two meetings will be held to consult with residents and develop actions to respond to community needs. Flyers with meeting information will be distributed in Rivertowne as soon as meeting details are confirmed.

Resident Action Plan Unveiling (planned for October 2016)

This plan will describe what will be done, and by who, to address resident priorities and support community assets

​Getting involved​

Look for posters or flyers in your community with more details about local meetings and events. You can also find more events listed at torontohousing.ca/events

For more information, please contact Javan Courtney at Javan.Courtney@torontohousing.ca or 416-797-2869.

2015 DMCDC Board Meeting materials