Relocation and return

Relocation and return

​​​​Toronto Community Housing has made a clear commitment to residents of Revitalization communities: any resident who is relocated as part of a Revitalization has the right to return to a new unit being built as part of that Revitalization, subject to eligibility rules in the Relocation Agreement it signs with Toronto Community Housing. 

Learn more about TCHC standards applied to relocations due to Revitalization in our Relocation policy.

How relocation and return works

We provide residents with significant notice in situations where relocation is necessary, including intensive education and engagement before the process even gets underway. In some cases, residents are able to move directly from their old unit into a new one built as part of the Revitalization. In other cases, residents may need to move to a relocation unit in the same community or in another Toronto Community Housing building. 

Relocation and return process

The image above shows the relocation and return ​process​. As part of the process, we work to ensure that residents understand their rights and options. We hold regular meetings to keep residents up to date on progress. We work one-on-one with each household to help them select a unit that meets their needs. We pay for moving and related costs, provide packing materials and arrange for the move. And we provide extra help to households with accessibility needs.​​