Design review panel

Design review panel

​​​​​​​​Buildings of Regent Park

In 2005, Toronto Community Housing formed a Design Review Panel for Regent Park as part of that community’s Revitalization. This panel was formed to set a new standard of architectural and design excellence for the buildings built as part of Revitalization.

Toronto Community Housing currently has a number of Revitalization projects underway in various stages of planning approvals or implementation. Building on the success of design review in Regent Park, Toronto Community Housing has now expanded the panel to include all Revitalization initiatives.

How design review works

The Design Review Panel supports staff in delivering design quality by giving input on public and private realms, from parks and open spaces to streets and other infrastructure, in addition to the buildings themselves.

Design quality is measured by the aesthetic qualities of building design as well as how the architectural designs uphold Revitalization objectives. These objectives include:

  • Building inclusive communities
  • Improving the physical environment of our residents’ lives in mixed-income communities
  • Producing functional buildings that support our operational goals as a landlord
  • Creating market value with our development partners
The Design Review Panel meets on an as-needed basis. For a project to move forward, the panel needs to reach a consensus in support of the proposal.

The panel is an independent body to guide and provide input into Toronto Community Housing’s Revitalization initiatives throughout the City of Toronto. It is officially recognized by the City and acts in an advisory capacity to Toronto Community Housing. It is in no way intended to replace the City of Toronto’s regulatory approval process.

Design Review Panel members

The Design Review Panel consists of nineteen members on renewable three-year terms. The panel includes:
  • 11 professional members 
  • Three tenant members 
The new members are as follows:

Panel Chair

Antoine Belaieff, Chair

Sybil Wa, Vice-Chair, Principal, Diamond Schmitt Architects

Panel Members

Andre D’Eila, Principal, Superkul Architects 

Carol Philips, Moriyama & Teshima Architects

David Anselmi, Director, Canada Lands Company

David Leinster, Partner, The Planning Partnership

Graeme Stewart, Principal, ERA Architects

Gunta Mackars, Principal, Stantec Consulting

Paul Bailey, Director, REVIVE 

Roland Rom Colthoff, Director, RAW Architects

Yiwen Zhu, Associate, Urban Strategies Inc.

Meetings in 2022

Meetings in 2021

Meetings in 2020

Meetings in 2019

Meetings in 2018

Meetings in 2017

Meetings in 2016 ​

Meeting locations and agendas will be posted when available.

Please email the Design Review Panel Secretary Derek Brunelle at​ for more information about Design Review Panel meetings​.

Terms o​​f Reference a​nd Procedures​​ (PDF).