Affordable home ownership

Affordable home ownership

Toronto Community Housing is committed to building vibrant, mixed-income communities in each of our Revitalization projects. One key part of expanding housing options for residents is providing them with the opportunity to purchase some of the market units that are built in each community, through the Foundation and BOOST loan programs.


The Foundation Program provides eligible Toronto Community Housing tenants living in Regent Park, Lawrence Heights, Alexandra Park or Allenbury Gardens with down payment assistance for up to 35% of the price of a new home in their revitalization community.


The BOOST program helps eligible home purchasers with their down payment by providing assistance for up to 10% of the price of a new home in a TCHC revitalization community.

Status of the Affordable Home Ownership Programs

There are no current opportunities under the Affordable Home Ownership Program at Alexandra Park, Lawrence Heights, or Allenbury Gardens. To find out more about opportunities in Regent Park, please contact Holly Carrie-Mattimo at 

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