42 Hubbard Blvd

42 Hubbard Blvd

42 Hubbard Blvd. is a 27-unit, 86-year-old Toronto Community Housing building in The Beach that is an example of our commitment to building communities integrated with their surrounding neighbourhoods.

A building at Hubbard Blvd 

Toronto Community Housing recognizes the historical value of this building to the local community. As a result, when significant repair needs were identified in 2008, Toronto Community Housing retained Van Elslander Carter Architects to redevelop the building, tasking them with preserving the heritage structure while meeting a new standard in sustainable design.

The original 1928 facade and stained glass windows were preserved while interior spaces were redeveloped using the best in sustainable design solutions. Features added to the building include large photo-voltaic panels over part of the roof which offset energy consumption and provide shade for the rooftop amenity space, and a barrier-free entrance and elevator which improve the building’s accessibility. When completed, the building met the City of Toronto Green Development Standard and reached a 40 percent efficiency improvement over the National Building Code for Energy Conservation in Buildings.

The interior demolition and construction began in the late spring of 2010. Construction was completed and tenants began to move back in January 2012.

In recognition of the work done to preserve the heritage structure throughout this rebuilding process, the project won a 2012 Toronto Heritage Award ​honourable​ mention ​in the William Greer Architectural Conservation and Craftsmanship category.​