As part of its commitment to providing safe, clean, well-maintained homes to all tenants and avoid the permanent closure of units, Toronto Community Housing has begun to develop a master plan to revitalize, rebuild and renew the Firgrove-Grassways community. 

Toronto Community Housing is working closely with tenants and stakeholders to develop the master plan. The plan is needed before Toronto Community Housing can demolish and replace the 234 townhome units in Firgrove, including those on Firgrove Crescent that were vacated in 2017.

TCHC will develop the master plan in consultation with Firgrove tenants, local stakeholders and the City of Toronto. As the plan is further developed, TCHC will run an open, fair and transparent competition to test the interest for a potential development partner.


Firgrove-Grassways is bound by Jane Street to the east, Firgrove Crescent to the south, Firgrove Public School to the west, and Firgrove Crescent to the north. 

Firgrove-Grassways: by the numbers

  • Total Size:7.7 acres
  • RGI Townhomes to be replaced: 234
  • RGI Apartment Units to be refurbished: 137
  • RGI Townhomes to be refurbished: 15
  • Master Plan Process Start Date: July 2018
  • Anticipated Master Plan Process Completion Date: December 2018 / Early 2019

Existing community


Master plan timeline

Development timeline


Firgrove Master Plan - development timeline.pdf

Frequently asked questions

Firgrove-Grassways master plan process

Toronto Community Housing has committed to creating a master plan to rebuild and renew the Firgrove-Grassways community.

  1. What is a Master Plan?

    A master plan is a long-term vision for an area that can help guide on-going decisions that impact the physical environment in a coordinated and strategic manner. It provides benchmarks and standards for development and sets priorities for investment. It is based on technical analysis, best practices in design and an engaged public process. It helps define appropriate tools and mechanisms for implementation.

  2. What are the benefits of the Master Plan process?

    The Master Plan process ensures that TCHC tenants play an active role in how their community looks, feels and supports social connections.

  3. Who is managing the Master Plan process?

    • TCHC's Development Division is managing the Master Plan process in partnership with the Facilities Management Division.
    • A professional planning firm, The Planning Partnership, has been hired by TCHC to work with tenants to create the Master Plan.
    • LGA Architectural Partners will be supporting The Planning Partnership in preparing the Master Plan.
    • TCHC's Capital Engagement and Conservation Program (CECP) is providing tenant engagement support to the Master Plan.

  4. How long will it take?

    The Master Plan process will take approximately 6 to 8 months. 

  5. Who can participate in the Master Plan process for Firgrove?

    Current TCHC tenants living in Firgrove-Grassways and 5 Needle Firway can participate in the Master Plan. Tenants who have been recently relocated from Firgrove can also participate.

  6. Will there be TCHC Staff on site to support tenants with the planning process?

    Yes, staff from various TCHC departments will be present at all planning sessions.

  7. Who can I contact for more information?

    Jessie Zorzella
    Program Coordinator for Firgrove
    (Capital Engagement and Conservation Program)
    (416) 995-8270

    Cutty Duncan
    Manager, Capital Engagement and Conservation Program
    (416) 981-6204

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