As part of its commitment to providing safe, clean, well-maintained homes to all tenants and avoid the permanent closure of units, Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) has developed a master plan to revitalize, rebuild and renew the Firgrove-Grassways community. 


TCHC has worked closely with tenants, local stakeholders, and the City of Toronto to develop a master plan. The plan proposes to demolish and replace 236 RGI units in Firgrove, add up to 600 market units, and up to 107 net new affordable units on site. In March 2020, TCHC submitted a Zoning By-law Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision Application to the City of Toronto for review of the master plan.


Firgrove-Grassways is bound by Jane Street to the east, Firgrove Crescent to the south, Firgrove Public School to the west, and Firgrove Crescent to the north. 

Firgrove-Grassways: by the numbers

  • Total Size: 13.5 acres
  • RGI Apartment Units to be Replaced: 236
  • RGI Apartment Units to be Refurbished: 137
  • RGI Townhomes to be Refurbished: 15
  • Master Plan Development Process: 2018 to 2020
  • Zoning By-law and Draft Plan of Subdivision Application Submission: March 2020

Existing Community

Aerial view of existing community identifying which buildings will be retained or demolished

Master Plan

Aerial rendering of how community will look in future

Relocation Update

Firgrove-Grassways is a revitalization community. This means that the entire Firgrove Crescent community will be vacated and all tenanted households will be relocated. In 2017, 134 of the 236 units were vacated already. These homes will be demolished, and the plan is to rebuild a new mixed-income community for Firgrove tenants.

In February 2020, Firgrove tenants deputed at City Hall in regards to the Firgrove revitalization and relocation process. City Council passed a motion for the relocation process to be sped-up to allow the remaining tenanted households in Firgrove Crescent to move out.

Honouring the Council decision, the remaining 102 units will be vacated with tenanted households relocating in February 2021 until August 2021. Households will have seven months to relocate. Community meetings, information and drop-in sessions will be held leading up to the February 2021 relocation date to prepare all households. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of the master plan process?

Toronto Community Housing has committed to creating a master plan to rebuild and renew the Firgrove-Grassways community. The master plan process ensures that TCHC tenants play an active role in how their community looks, feels and supports social connections.


Who is managing the master plan process?

  • TCHC's Development Division is managing the master plan process in partnership with the Facilities Management Division.
  • A professional planning firm, The Planning Partnership, has been hired by TCHC to work with tenants to create the master plan.
  • LGA Architectural Partners will be supporting The Planning Partnership in preparing the master plan.
  • TCHC's Revitalization team is providing tenant engagement support to the master plan.


What is the current status of the master plan and Revitalization?

The master plan that was developed with TCHC tenants was presented to the Firgrove community on January 22, 2019. A new approvals framework for TCHC revitalization projects was approved by City Council in July 2019. The new framework required City Council approval of an Initial Development Proposal report before a planning application could be submitted. The Initial Development Proposal report for Firgrove was approved by City Council in February 2020. Following this, TCHC submitted a formal planning application in March 2020 which is currently under review.

Where will funding come from?

Funding of the Firgrove-Grassways revitalization will be determined in conjunction with the City of Toronto's annual budget process.

Further, in the September 12th, 2019 report to the TCHC Board of Directors, staff recommended the following:  "that the Firgrove Revitalization proceed and pursue funding from all levels of government to fund the shortfall, and seek funding opportunities and partnerships that will add additional affordable housing units and an expanded community space to the Firgrove community."

What are the next steps in the process?

  1. TCHC to secure planning approvals for the Zoning By-law Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision Application
  2. TCHC to submit a Site Plan Application
  3. TCHC to continue to work with tenants, the broader community, and the City to refine and detail the plans for revitalization

Who can I contact for more information?
TCHC has set up a Revitalization Office located at 22 Needle Firway where staff are able to answer questions from tenants. Contact details for Revitalization staff are also listed below.


Marveh Farhoodi
Community Revitalization Assistant
(416) 688-1583 

Will Mendes
Manager, Revitalization and Renewal Communities
(416) 981-4102

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